WTH: "Random" colors on history-graph-card timeline

The colors on the timeline graph of the history-graph-card are kind of random if you use it with “text-sensors” (all colors appear in the same order on every new state and is then used again if that state reappears). If you use multiple graphs to get an overview, you can’t:
Anmerkung 2020-08-25 220114
(you can see here that e.g. purple is sometimes unlocked and sometimes locked - it’s impossible to see at a glance when which door was locked/unlocked)

Better would be at least fixed colors to states (e.g. calculate a hash of the string).
But better would be customizable colors to highlight good or bad states in the history. This also fits to binary_sensors where often e.g. an open door gets green color and closed door is red (but of course it should be the opposite).

I think, this is related with Changing colors of the History-Graph topic

It’s related, indeed. I thougt a longer time, if I should add it there or open a new topic, but the other topic is about colors of entities and this about colors of states (which I think is a very big difference).