WTH, Reload ONLY changed automations after edit

My no1 annoyance is that whenever you edit ANY automation HA reloads all automations which stops any long term automations that have already been triggered from remaining triggered.

eg: anything that was triggered with a ‘for: 1:00:00’ now will not trigger unless there is another state change for another 1:00:00

Please allow us to manually reload any automations we edit, rather than the way it is now ehere HA automagically reloads automations on a save (by default) so as to NOT affect already running automations.

An idea might be that anything created/edited in the UI is NOT reloaded on a save/edit, but a new automation created in a .yaml file is manually reloaded and is “appended” to the UI created automations.

Pressing the AUTOMATIONS menu item in dev-tools reloads everything.

We are tinkerers and are continually disrupting running automations by deploying other automations.

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