WTH Unnecessary brightness check for none when dimmer light is turned off

My scripts has stopped working so I believe that the attribute used to return 0 instead of disappearing when turned off.

I used to have the following in my script:

- condition: template
    value_template: "{{ state_attr('light.sovrum_vagg','brightness') | int < 225}}"

I am not sure when it stopped working, but now I had to add a check for when brightness is none in order to get it to work again:

- condition: template
    value_template: "{{ state_attr('light.sovrum_vagg','brightness') == none or state_attr('light.sovrum_vagg','brightness') | int < 225}}"

These are the attributes that are returned when the light is DIMMED:
{{ states[‘light.sovrum_vagg’].attributes }} =>

{'supported_color_modes': [<ColorMode.BRIGHTNESS: 'brightness'>], 'color_mode': <ColorMode.BRIGHTNESS: 'brightness'>, 'brightness': 153, 'entity_id': ['light.sovrum_dimmer_d23'], 'icon': 'mdi:lightbulb', 'friendly_name': 'Sovrum Vägg', 'supported_features': 0}

These are the attributes that are returned when the light is TURNED OFF - it is missing the brightness attribute, which really should be set to zero here:
{{ states[‘light.sovrum_vagg’].attributes }} =>

{'supported_color_modes': [<ColorMode.BRIGHTNESS: 'brightness'>], 'entity_id': ['light.sovrum_dimmer_d23'], 'icon': 'mdi:lightbulb', 'friendly_name': 'Sovrum Vägg', 'supported_features': 0}

So I think this is to be considered as a bug. The brightness attribute for the dimmed light must be possible to set to 'brightness': 0 when the brightness value is zero.

Also it is stated in the documentation that the brightness is supposed to be 0 when the light is turned off.

Nope. Brightness has never been an attribute when the light is off. Your template was silently erroring before, now it’s exposed as a real error. This was announced last October when default was added to int. Before, it would default to 0, now the user has to specify a default.

To correct your template…

    value_template: "{{ state_attr('light.sovrum_vagg','brightness') | int(0) < 225}}"