Xiaomi Gateway Integration

Normally the limit is calculated with 220V at the plug, so:
220v * 10A = 2200W
220V * 16A = 3520 -> 3500W

Thanks !

I didn’t know sonoff, it looks like a quite good solution. But I think it’s not as small as needed to fit IN the wall behind the heater. I need to check.

After some digging I found that we need to flash them for use with ha and I also saw that there are plenty of versions. One with power consumption sensor, do you know is it supported by HA ?

It’s quite off topic, sorry :slight_smile: but it looks amazing with cheap xiami sensors. I will have a full automated heating for a waaaay smaller budget than I thought.

To come back to topic, I just received 3 fire and 2 gas sensors, I have not yet installed them but are they supported by official plugin or a fork ?

It would be OK to have it outside the wall just inline with the wire, all are supported by home assistant there are a lot of firmwares out there and flashing is easy. EspEasy seems to be the most popular Firmware. I have only used a very basic program i wrote for mine and I’m to happy/lazy to change it.

This guy has firmware and info for adding them to HASS looking at the files his naming conventions seems a bit confusing but they all seem to be there. https://github.com/KmanOz/Sonoff-HomeAssistant

To anyone else having the same issue as me, i was able to solve it by moving to a virtualenv and installing pycryptodome. I had installed that package before, but seems when I replaced pycrypto with it something must have been left behind.

Just a quick question:
Are ghost events still an issue - if not what has fixed it?

  • polling?
  • only relying on the event, and filter out the sensor heartbeats
  • problem fixed in software of the sensors - a firmware update

Any other ideas?

A new state (“unknown”) was introduced in the recent firmware of the gateway. The state of the window/door sensor can be open, close oder unknown now. In my case the motion sensor has still some issues.

Motion sensor gives me false events too… might just modify to ignore the heartbeat info

Thanks @niai

uh? What’s a both click??

When you simultaneously press left and right switch on the Aqara wall switch

My motion sensor also reports ghost after power outage. Yesterday was first time after fw upgrade

Power outage - is that for the Gateway, or the motion sensor that goes into deep sleep?

For gateway

Ok - do you manually turn it on off, or do you have the impression, that it reboots by itself.
Or could it be if it receives a new IP address, a dhcp renew?

I have dhcp reservation for gateway. It installed in my office, yesterday we had electricity shutdown for hole building. After restoring power motion sensor reports motion in empty room while it wasn’t “rearmed” (walk in front of sensor).

Just got my Motion sensor today (holy moly it’s tiny!) and it seems to work perfectly! Only thing I’m not sure if it’s correct is that I’m getting a luminance sensor too (I’ve updated the component from GitHub) and I’m not sure if this is provided by the motion sensor or the gateway? And in any case, it seems to report a really high value in comparison with my Aeotec Multisensor 6

Xiaomi gateway sensor: 1116lux
Aeotec Multisensor 6: 149.0lux


Illumination sensor is part of gateway. It reports values from 300-1300.


thanks for the info!

I have seen ghost events even though the gateway has not been power cycled…

Have you managed to get a functional value from that sensor?
I’ve been trying with:

    platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.illumination_12345
    value_template: '{{ state.sensor.illumination_12345.state | int }}'
    above: 700

The log gives me some lumen-values but the condition will not work. I might just try this evening a little more. :slight_smile:

Second thought: How about the update-frequency? Sometimes it does update, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it updates up to a value I can’t explain… :smiley: