Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum errors in log?


Using my Mi Robot Vacuum in Home Assistant, and it works great. However my log is filled up with errors from the vacuum.

Got exception while fetching the state: Unable to discover the device
13:19 components/vacuum/xiaomi_miio.py (WARNING)
Unable to discover a device at address
13:19 unknown (ERROR)

This is the errors I receive maybe every 20 minutes. But the device does work, and I am able to control it and it reports the state of the device correctly.

Another question. Would it be possible to somehow get the map that the Mi Vacuum creates every time it is running. If I start it in the Mi Home app I can check the map and follow where the vacuum is and has been. Is there any way to implement this to Home Assistant, maybe get updates of the map every 10 seconds (instead of live).
If this was possible, I could uninstall the Mi Home app and use HA instead (which I prefer).

Thank you!

Regarding your first issue, See Xiaomi Vacuum error/warning in logs.

Your second request, the map in home assistant would be awesome. Unfortunately, I dont have the skills to make this. You can vote for the feature here Add Map to Xiaomi vacuum cleaner