Xiaomi Mop pro

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Hello everybody,

I just bought a Xiaomi Mop Pro Vacuum and I was trying to configure it into my HA.
So I did some researches and I was always ending looking at this page https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/vacuum.xiaomi_miio.

The problem is that I cannot configure the vacuum in my ha as I don’t find the about menu where I find the token. Nether of the others solutions worked for me.

Anyone has the same vacuum working with HA?

I don’t have the mop, but do have the vacuum. The instructions on that page are mainly used for getting the token for the Xiaomi hub, and it’s not the same token. I followed the part under iOS (since I have an iPhone).

Do I need an Hub to use the mop pro with ha?
Is it not possible to connect directly to the vacuum?

I have the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop running i my home automation. I found a add-on that supported this vaccum and installed this manually. try to search the forum.
I doesn’t report the same parameters as the “regular” roborock

Have you tried via Android/iOs/Bluestacks?

Great, now I’m happier. Do you remember the plugin’s name?

I’m currently using Android.

Here you go:

Thank you, I wasn’t searching for this version of the vacuum.
Thanks a lot.


Can u guys share the addon for this vacuum, i cant find anywhere.

Found: https://github.com/nqkdev/home-assistant-vacuum-styj02ym

xiaomi mii robot vacuum mop we are model mjstg1 i can’t show it in home assistant


  • platform: xiaomi_miio
    token: my token
    name: ‘Living Vacuum’

Help me thanks