Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner Card


i have solved my problem Kejszijo thank you for help :wink:
problem is in configuration.yaml your file name is sensor and my is sensors !!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

now :



Where did you get the picture from?


it’s my HA with Kejszijo config :slight_smile:
now i make traduction in french


Nice to hear that :beers:


thank you :slight_smile:

just a last problem and after all it’s good !!!

imput slider problem, entity not avaible

SOLVED : Now need to rename file to : input_number and not imput_slider !!! :slight_smile:

all it’s good !!!

Againnnnnnnnnnnnnn thank you !!!


Here is a higher contrast background image I cropped together that works well with the color scheme and text.xiaomi_roborock


thank you :slight_smile: yes is better


Does the vacuum have to be rooted?


@cnrd thks for these new step to integrate the map as background. Did you succeed to refresh the picture ? by me even is the automation is able to refresh the locale picture, the picture display doens’t update (seems to be cached).


No, It hasn’t. Thx
I could debug my code and it works! :smiley:


Do You ever asked yourself which language you should use in your examples, when you post in international websites?
Може би това ще отговори на въпроса ти, ако изобщо си си го задал.
どう思いますか? 論理はありますか?
If you feel a little dumb reading the last two sentences - use google translate to understand how I felt when I was reading yous interesting example. The first one is in Bulgarian and the second one is in Japanese.
So now when you know that Hungarian is not my (or anyone else) specialty, I hope next time you will translate your locally official language sentences in English. Thank You very, very much. Cheers!


I will not rewrite the whole code because it is Hungarian. I develop my own language. If I translate it into an example (it will not be tested, because I don’t use it in a live system) and I may be posting a faulty code.
I think so far no one has any problem to translate a few word…


Working like a charm! Next step adding the live maps!
I already have an automation that makes the vacuum clean daily whenever nobody is home for a while between 10AM-6PM and a Google Assistant notification as a reminder to clean up the dustbin!


Really nice, do you have the code for it to share?


Really nice indeed. Is this something you can share with us?


It’s seems really usefull.

It would be possible to share with us?


Dumb question…how would I build the sensor template to get hours in total cleaning time and cleaned are in m²….?

Mine looks like this with appddaemon hadashboard


If you want get area and time for last cleaning session:

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Area cleaned"
        unit_of_measurement: 'm2'
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('vacuum.<your_name>', 'cleaned_area') }}"
        friendly_name: "Time cleaned"
        unit_of_measurement: 'm'
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('vacuum.<your_name>', 'cleaning_time') }}"

Note that cleaning time is in minutes - if you indeed want this to be in hours, you will have to make conversion additionally to time format you prefer.

If you indeed want total time and area that has been cleaned by vacuums since the century it remembers itself from :slight_smile: you can use total_cleaning_time and total_cleaned_area attributes respectively.


Thanks for zour response. I already have all thise template sensors set up WHat I want is just the right conversation for it :slight_smile:


Will share my config soon, trying to make it smaller and more compact :slight_smile: