Xiaomi zig bee and wi fi interference

Hey there!
I have got xiaomi gateway working with HA and I found annoying issue with home network.

Every day all devices get off from wi fi connection. I can reconnect in 30 seconds and everything is fine. But it is really annoying.
Yesterday all xiaomi devices were off (and from mi app too). And the same time wi fi was lost, but then healed. So, wi fi is 2.4ghz and zig bee is too, I think it might be the issue.

Do not you have same issue? I switched to 5ghz wi fi now, will see how it works.

Also, if issue is really occured because of messing up radio waves, guys with other zig bee should experience that too (even without xiaomi gateway)

P.S. I am fighting with internet provider, they do not see any issues, only if it is in router. So I bought new one and nothing has changed.

Have a look at this. I was having internet connectivity issues with the Xiaomi Gateway too, and this is working beautifully for me.

It’s a known issue, it’s discussed in several topics. The problem can be avoided by using a different WiFi and/or Zigbee channel.
Take a look at this.

Cool, so changing to 5ghz should help. Will see.
Thank you

The gateway can only use 2.4g wifi.
You maybe able to change your WiFi channels to reduce the frequency overlap

see this post here i made a while back on how to find the zigbee channel the gateway is using and to move wifi further away from it to reduce interference

I use 2.4 wi fi only for gateway. 5ghz to all my devices. So it should be ok? Or the issue wil be because gateway is coonected to router on 2.4 ghz?
And thank you for solution, I will try to chande channels too.

My cottonmouth services kept going offline intermittently and only came back online with restarting h.a. this problem went away completely when Channing from pi to Intel nuc

You need to try what works for you. There is not a single solution which works for everybody as the inteference might also be caused by for example your neighbours wifi.