Yeelight color_temp

Hi! I have some Yeelight LED Bulb (White) - 2nd generation (YLDP05YL) in my house… I used them for 1 year without problems. But now i can’t change the color_temp. It don’t shows this option no more in my cards (only shows de brightness range input). Using directly the service call I got no luck too…

- alias: 'Luz Planta 5'
  initial_state: on 
    platform: time
    at: '21:00:00'
    - service: light.turn_on
        entity_id: light.yl_planta
        brightness_pct: 30
        color_temp: 160

It changes the bightness but not the color_temp! Can anyone help me?

in your yeelight yaml, do you have a model defined?

    name: YL-STUDY-CB1
    name: YL-FAMILY-CB1
    name: Study Desk Light
    model: lamp1
    name: RupusStripLight
    model: strip1

YLDP05YL may not be properly supported - type model: mono1 - also see Yeelight bulb lost its white temperature control