Z-wave devices are not recognized after update to 2022.11.5

After the core update to 2022.11.5 my Z-wave devices are not recognized. Z-Wave JS is running and displays the following messages:

ZwaveJS server listening on 2022-12-01T13:42:26.552Z CNTRLR The controller response indicated failure after 1/3 attempts. Scheduling next try in 100 ms.

2022-12-01T13:42:26.669Z CNTRLR The controller response indicated failure after 2/3 attempts. Scheduling next try in 1100 ms.

2022-12-01T13:42:27.797Z CNTRLR [Node 004] ping failed: Failed to send the command after 1 attempts. Transmission queue full (ZW0202)

Reboot of the host does not fix this problem.

Does anyone know how i can solve this?

How is HASS installed please?

Can ZWaveJS see the controller? (e.g. has a VM mapping of the /dev/tty* failed?)

What controller are you using?

I’d suggest setting Z-Wave JS Logs to Verbose (from Info) and restarting ZWJS.

I once found unplugging and reconnecting an USB stick whilst HASS was running fixed an issue, when rebooting didn’t.

FWIW, my Z-Wave JS install updated fine (Aeotec G5 on a Yellow + HASSOS).

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Hi i’m using an pi 4 as controller.
I don’t know if Z-wave JS sees the USB Z-wave stick.

As soon as I get home I’ll unplug the usb stick and put it back in.
See what it does.

I also had to unplug the stick with this update. Everything was back after that.

Removing and reinserting the USB stick solved the problem.