Z-Wave JS to Z-Wave JS UI & Device Associations

Ideally, I’d like dimming control from the Zen30. But, in reality, dimming from the Zen30 location would be a fairly uncommon occurrence, at least in this instance. I set up as you suggested, and it works well for on/off, including single tap to a medium brightness, and double tap to full brightness. But attempting to random dim/brighten to somewhere in-between doesn’t seem to work. Honestly, this is great and achieves my goals in this particular instance.

The original owners of our house, a log cabin, had a love affair with cheap no-brand stacker switches, so most of the switches in the house are 2-4 stacker switches in a single shallow box. On interior walls, which are knotty pine car siding, I can just cut a hole and use an old work box to add boxes. But for the exterior walls, adding a box would involve a crane and a chainsaw. They also did some, um, “interesting” wiring, so those boxes tend to be about 4x overstuffed with wires by code, especially since they used a lot of 10 gauge where 14 would be customary, and 12 overkill.

Which is the long way of saying, I already have a lot of Zen30’s, this is just the first one in a 3-way configuration I’ve gotten to. There are others, and I’m not sure until I reverse engineer their wiring, which side ends up controlling which when I upgrade them to smart switches.

The Zen30 has a parameter 7, but I’m sure it doesn’t help with dimming. It’s the LED indicator mode for scene control - if I remember correctly without checking the instructions again, whether or not the LED’s show the dim level when controlled via a scene controller like they do when you’re manually pushing the button.

Oh, and yeah, ZooZ support is incredible. That’s part of why I have so many ZooZ devices in my house. Alas, in this particular instance, they got a little stuck, with the response, “Unfortunately, we do not have Home Assistant in-house to provide more specific direction.” It’s not been a problem when I’ve wanted to do odd things in the past. But I’ve also understood the software side of things I was trying to do then…

Thank you so much for your help!

Glad to help, ignoring Home Assistant for a second I would send Zooz a feature request (heck I may do it too) to add the following parameter to the Zen30. If they added this parameter, it would allow you to have seamless dimming from the Zen30 as well.
When I initially setup two Zen72’s, I had similar odd dimming behavior, till I flashed to the latest firmware and changed this parameter on the “virtual” Zen72.

### Association Reports

Parameter 7: Choose which physical and Z-Wave triggers should prompt the dimmer to send a status change report to associated devices.
Values: 0 – none; 1 – physical tap on ZEN72 only; 2 – physical tap on connected 3-way switch only; 3 – physical tap on ZEN72 or connected 3-way switch; 4 – Z-Wave command from hub; 5 – physical tap on ZEN72 or Z-Wave command from hub; 6 – physical tap on connected 3-way switch or Z-Wave command from hub; 7 – physical tap on ZEN72 / connected 3-way switch or Z-Wave command from hub; 8 – timer only; 9 – physical tap on ZEN72 or timer; 10 – physical tap on connected 3-way switch or timer; 11 – physical tap on ZEN72 / connected 3-way switch or timer; 12 – Z-Wave command from hub or timer; 13 – physical tap on ZEN72, Z-Wave command from hub, or timer; 14 – physical tap on ZEN72 / connected 3-way switch, Z-Wave command from hub, or timer; 15 – all of the above. Default: 15.

Size: 1 byte dec

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If you told them you are using Home Assistant, then that was a miscommunication. You aren’t using Home Assistant in this case, you are using Z-Wave JS UI. If you said that instead, they might be more willing to provide support. Sounds like “Home Assistant” is a trigger word to avoid any support. Not to mention, Home Assistant via the Z-Wave integration doesn’t support group associations at all (without using some low-level functionality), so it’s not unreasonable for them to not be able to support you from that perspective.

While I would agree with you in most cases, they do actually offer support with Home Assistant. It’s just obvious that support is limited to whatever is in their support database. It may vary depending on which tech you get. The fact that you get a human response within an hour or two of any email sent to their support is a Good Thing.

For example, it was ZooZ support which steered me towards migrating from ZWave JS to Wave JS UI in order to have the user interface to edit nodes. Some of their instructions were clearly from when ZWave JS UI was called ZWave to MQTT, though. So, whichever tech is a Home Assistant expert had obviously updated their docs to indicate you need the UI, rather than 2MQTT, add on. But not the details about how to set up the association. And, at the time, my questions were entirely related to getting the transition from ZWave JS to ZWave JS UI ironed out: all software which involved none of their products.