Z-Wave JS UI name / location not synchronized with HA device name / area

This is a stupid little question, but is there an on/off action in ZJS? I see several in HA (now that the devices are loaded with some names), but when I try to turn on/off a known dimmer which reports OK in ZJS, nothing happens. Without an on/off with ZJS, I can’t tell if it’s a HA or ZJS problem. I know the dimmer works OK confirmed in the other automation tools.

One thing isn’t clear to me, why doesn’t ZUI simply take the device names from HA as read-only???
without having to rewrite the name of each node! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Because ZUI doesn’t have any knowledge that you are using HA.

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For now the only good thing that Zui has done after the migration is to rename all my devices, losing all the reference information in HA…
For goodness sake, my fault, I tried to interpret the migration instructions without success, so I searched through dozens of discussions in the forums with the same problem of misunderstanding.

Did you delete the integration when you migrated (you should not)? ZUI cannot rename your devices if they were named in HA.

No, the strange thing is that, I’m sure I didn’t delete the integration (as per the instructions) but just disabled it.
Out of 20 devices renamed by default, only some entities remained with the name assigned by me… I banged my head for hours to rearrange…
However, I think that the instructions for migrating from ZJS to ZUI are poor, I didn’t know that I had to enable port 3000 and for this I relied on the forums, I did the procedure with various reboots, enable/disable and reinstallation of ZUI mlte times

I attempted a HA restore but the “entity IDs” had been renamed.

The question is: if one day I restore the stick from NVM Management, what happens to the names of my entities???

Here is the way the naming works. Every entity has a unique_id in the entity registry config/.storage/core.entitiy_registry. This unique ID is set by the integrations instance and used by HA to associate it with the entity_id, friendly name, etc. Every time the integration starts and creates its entities this key is used.

Here is an example:

"config_entry_id": "e0327be5870b8f826e36b31888f2738c"
"unique_id": "36118199999.28-49-0-Humidity"

The config_entry_id is the instance of the integration, this gets assigned when you add the integration to HA.

The unique id - The first series of number is the zwave home Id which is on your stick. 28 is the node ID, the 49-0-Humidity refers the the humidity sensor.

If you delete the integration, HA will remove all entities with the config_entry_id and hence all of your customizations and hence when the integration is readded all of that stuff is lost. My guess is this is what you did,

Backing up and restoring the stick does not change the Home ID or the Node IDs, so this should be seamless.

If you have your old entity registry file, some careful editing could get you restored. With HASS shutdown, strip out all the entries for the new zwave config_entry, paste in the old ones and replace the old config ID with the new one. Make a backup first, as breaking the file will causes HA to not start!

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