Z-wave problems in 0.79.3

I am having problems with hass.io after upgrading to 0.79.3.
When I am trying to toggle a light, the toggle goes back to off immediately after turning it on.
The lamp sometimes turns on, sometimes not. If not and I continue clicking on, nothing happening. The toogle just returns to off position.

This is on a fibaro wall switch.
Anybody else having same z-wave issue?

Similar problem and advice here:

Check your zwave mesh.
Look at the OZW log.
Check your device has the latest firmware.

Thanks. Since changing parameter 80 from Hail CC to Basic, the problem hasn’t recurred.

I can’t find parameter 80. I can see that people suggest firmware update. I can’t upgrade the firmware via Aeotec z-stick right?

Hi Tom_l, having similar problem with Fibaro Wall-Plug + Aeotec Z-Wave USB Stick.
I checked Fibaro’s website and cannot find how to update firmware for Wall-Plug. Is that what you meant?

I have done some Googeling.
It seems like the only way to upgrade the firmware on Fibaro products is to go trough their gateway. On other words, there are no way for us to upgrade it trough Home Assistant and Aeotec Z-wave stick.

It’s strange that it is not raised a issue against this, because I know more people having the same problem, where you can’t toggle light on\off.

I will look into logs, I believe it is mesh network that is getting tripped up, so may need to remove device and re-add. Which is always a pain for me.

Did you map your mesh to make sure you have a god set of redundant paths?

How do you do that, there is a software for it?

Thanks for the info. I’ve been having problems with an Aeotec smart switch not turning on (it is well connected with three paths back to the controller). Status reports were set to None instead of Hail or Basic. I have another switch that works just fine like this. I’m going to try setting the problem device to Basic.