Z-wave switch recommendation for hardwired towel warmer

Hi Folks,
Can anyone give me a recommendation for a Z-wave switch for an Amba towel warmer? The towel warmer is rated at 240 W, 2.2 amps at 110 V. Details can be found at https://ambaproducts.com/products/jeeves-d-straight/
I realize this seems silly to ask since I am sure any regular Z-wave switch would do but just checking. It will be installed in a bathroom (wet) area.
Thanks y’all.

Found this from google-but what did you end up using? Installing one of these now and debating what I want the electrician to install. I believe they normally do a digital timer (where you can set schedules)

I ended up implementing a Sonoff Mini inline with the towel warmer: How to make isolated bathroom towel radiators smart? - #7 by Holdestmade

I would now use a Shelly instead: Shelly Shop USA, or a smart towel warmer with HA integration: Rointe WIFI enabled electric radiators - #47 by amadeuspzs

Has been a while. About to install mine and was just going to use a Lutron Caseta PD-6ANS in the absence of any other “off the shelf” product.
Amba’s web site recommends the 15 amp Leviton Z-Wave switch. Lutron doesn’t seem to make anything that comes close to that. The PD-6ANS maxes out around 3.6 A, which covers the 50% overhead I have heard in use for safety.
Let me know what you decide.

Love that this 2 yr old thread is being picked up :slight_smile:

@euromem - what model leviton z-wave switch does amba recommend? I’d love to have z-wave since i’m going to be using z-wave switches throughout.

Hmm interesting. I’ve seen that one before, but it seems to reference it being wifi based, not z-wave, and in that pic it shows it as a two way switch (although with timer feature), and on other sites it shows the same model as a ‘smart’ timer switch which looks like the ones used for outdoor lights at homes (Amba Products ATWSS | Studio41 | Hardwired Smart Switch Atw-ss - White)

I’ll keep researching and see if I can find out if it’s actually z-wave, and what it actually looks like. Definitely seems to be a private label for amba only though (not available directly through leviton).