Z2M entity/device migration to Skyconnect?

Can anyone point me to a guide as to how to maintain the entites and devices when migrating from Zigbee2MQTT?

Ive tried as many ways as possible and unfortunately HA retires the Z2M entities and creates new entities under (im assuming its ZHA)

I have 160 devices and a really complex system that makes me want to avoid having to re-pair and re-make myb close to 130 automations and 120 scenes

Any help is appreciated

The Skyconnect is experimental in Zigbee2MQTT, based off of people’s experiences I’d strongly recommend you do not use it.


Not clear by your question exactly what you want to migrate from or what you want to migrate to?

To clarify one thing first; it is not supported to migrate from Zigbee2MQTT to the ZHA integration, or vice versa. If you want to move from Zigbee2MQTT to the ZHA integration then the currently is no other migration path than to remove each device from Zigbee2MQTT, then factory reset each device following the manufacturer’s instructions for that, and only then join/pair the device to the ZHA integration, i.ei. doing it all from scratch. And the same thing goes if want to move from the ZHA integration to Zigbee2MQTT.

So assuming that you instead just want to migrate from another Zigbee Coordinator adapter in Zigbee2MQTT to the Home Assistant SkyConnect as Zigbee Coordinator adapter in Zigbee2MQTT (or vice versa) then see this related discussion in the Zigbee2MQTT community → https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt/discussions/16478

thanks for the reply. I actually wanted to move from Z2M to ZHA AND replace my sonoff dongle for skyconnect (cos of future matter support.

In actuality I wanted to test the group support in ZHA as the group/scene support in Z2M doesnt seem to work correctly.

Regardless I personally recommend using a dedicated radio adapter for each protocol. That is use one adapter for Zigbee and a seperate adapter for Thread. See discussion about that here → Home Assistant SkyConnect USB Stick announced - will be compatible with both Zigbee and Thread (including Matter/CHIP over Thread)