ZHA extremely slow and unreliable with ConBeeII stick

Honestly, I did that so long ago that I can’t quite remember what consequences there were. But everything has worked in that configuration for several years (with 60+ devices, mixed Philips Hue, IKEA, Xioami (both old and new “Aqara”), Danfoss).

Given that I don’t quite remember the consequences, I’m assuming it wasn’t too bad…

@Aephir Did you end up resolving this?

A lot of drilling holes and running Cat6a cables throughout the house to move the AP to a different room from the ZigBee coordinator seem to mostly have solved it.

I did just buy one of these though, so I think I’ll now move the AP back and the ZigBee coordinator to a different room.

Now I just need to find the time to re-pair 70+ devices and rename them all in HA so the automations and dashboards will still work…