ZHA - IKEA five button remote for lights

Using that remote also, but with a different take on left/right. I have 5 lights in a room and use left button to step through them in a sequence, then I use brightness up/down for on/off. The toggle button is used to reset the sequence.

I considered using right button to step through a sequence for window covers but didn’t implement. Remembering last arrow would allow a different function for up/down: light or cover.

It sounds like a lot of button presses to switch on light no. 2: toggle, left, left, brightness up, but then one remote for 5 lights is pretty ok. Switching on light 3 is then left, up. So if you operate 2 or 3 then it is fairly ok.

There is ZHA in the title. So it will not work with zigbee2mqtt, right? (I wonder why though)

It doesn’t work with z2m because z2m exposes devices to HASS in a different way. Specifically, events are states on entities instead of events of zha_event type.

Great work! Easy setup for lots of buttons

I’m excited to try this out! I use Z2M though so perhaps I’ll figure out how to pick a different device and fork @frenck’s blueprint.

Z2M uses actual entities instead of events, so you’d just need to swap out the trigger for states you’re expecting, and change the declaration of what ‘remote’ is expecting I think.

just realised - only ZHA :frowning: would love to see the same blueprint for Z2M

Thanks Franck… now you made me go and buy 4 of these remotes… :man_facepalming:

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This is great! Actually, I did create an AppDaemon app for this specific purpose. It allows you to integrate your remotes with:

  • Z2M (state)
  • Z2M (MQTT)
  • deCONZ
  • ZHA

You can get this functionality starting with less than 10 lins of YAML config, and going higher if specific cases are needed.

It also allows you to virtually manage multiple clicks for controllers like this one that do not supported them natively.

You can go and check it out in here:

However, if the HA team keeps this path and catches up with everything than ControllerX does, I might drop the project since initial setup is much easier and faster, as well as having a UI configuration.

Really good job, looking forward to using bluprints from now on.

Xavi M.


is there a way to have the same for the 2 buttons ikea trader remote?

Strange, I am getting “No Matching Device Found”?

Any ideas or pointers?

Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 09.55.16

Not strange, as the topic says this is for ZHA integration not IKEA TRÅDFRI.

And if this did not make it clear this should have;

Working with ZHA with and an IKEA TRADFRI bulb E27 WS opal 1000lm.
It is working with brightness short press only. If I do long press nothing happens.
I also can not change color with the left or right buttons. Only options you can chose are; turn on, turn off, toggle, increase brightness, decrease brightness or flash. How can I make this change color as well?

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ZHA is a specific module? Guess I just learned! Thanks

Alright I think my fork for Zigbee2Mqtt is working. Here’s the gist! Just paste the url into Blueprints

In my example, my IKEA Remote is called Office Remote so Z2M calls the sensor I’m aiming for sensor.office_remote_action.

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Yes, ControllerX is really great. Do you think it’s possible to integrate / combine ControllerX capabilities with the simplicity of blueprints? It would be really great to be able to configure multiple clicks of a IKEA / hue remote just within the UI.

Thanks @frenck. I had a bit of a panic when I first imported the blueprint and all of my automations in the GUI disappeared, but I realised I’d opened the options to set an action for the left button and not added anything so things got a bit screwy. I manually removed the broken automation, reloaded automations and added it from the blueprint again without messing with it this time and it’s working perfectly.

I can see the blueprint function getting a lot of use, it’s so much simpler than trying to copy automation code around from forum posts.

Awesome work!!!

Is there a way to add middle button long press support also?

+1 for this

How can I make this change color as well?

I’m also wondering the same!