This is not correct, cause I only have sensors and smart plugs…and no one is turned on, but I have lines in color red - yellow and grey.

Is the length of the USB extention cord important ? And the position of the dongle as high as posible or try & error ?

Mine’s about 1 metre long and on the same table, but longer wouldn’t hurt.

My ZigBee lights show a grey line when off.

Turn all your plugs on and see if the visualisation changes.

3-6 feet (1-2m) extension cable is fine and gives you the opportunity to mount the coordinator as high as possible - and ideally near the center of your house/apartment/flat.

OK, will buy one of 2 meters.

Probably this one : https://www.bol.com/be/nl/p/choetech-usb-3-0-a-verlengkabel-male-female-2-meter-zwart

Seems OK for you ?

For any latecomers, it seems to have moved slightly. Go to Integrations, then in the Zigbee Home Automation panel, click on the CONFIGURE link, then, in use the Visualisation tab.


Things changed indeed …
To summarize: Go to integrations, ZHA, click on "Devices"and pick any device.
Now click on the 3-dot icon next to “Reconfigure” and select “View network”

The numbers on the lines are the LQI (Link Quality Indicator). If there are two numbers this means there are two links because the device sends and receives data.

If there are no lines to a device, this means there is no link to the device.
Does this mean the device is offline? Apparently not always. I have a few motion sensors (Sonoff SNZB-03) that do not show a link but as soon as I trigger motion, my script is triggered so clearly the device is not offline.

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Can anyone give an explanation for devices that don’t show connection lines to anything? I have an aqara door sensor. It works pretty well even though no connection lines, but low LQI (24 right now).

It is pretty far from the coordinator, but close to an sonoff plug that has LQI of 90. When I remove my door sensor then try to reintegrate it, it never finds it (yes I pressed the pairing button). If I bring the sensor into the main room, straight shot to the coordinator, it finds it right away. but no connection line in network view.

Anyone know of a way to get this visualisation on a Lovelace dashboard so it’s a bit more accessible for users?