Ziblue RFPlayer RFP1000

Hi all,

I have a ziblue rfp1000 at home that I was using a long time ago with domoticz.

Unfortunately it is not supported by HA (yet)…
Would anyone be interested for working on the development ?

I’d like to do it myself, I can code a bit but I’m not a dev and I don’t have the competencies to do that alone.

I hope someone can work on it.
There is already lib available for domoticz or other boxes. That could help.

Thanks the community !



Any news on this topic? I used rfplayer to control my somfy blinds with Jeedom but then I moved to HA and because it is not supported I still have Jeedom running just as interface between HA and the Rfplayer

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Intrested too !

Any news about this integration?

Interested too :slight_smile:


I’m Patrick from GCE Electronics France.
Our company will lauch the RF Player this month !
We need help from confirmed HA developpers to integrate the RF Player in HA.
We can provide free hardware and all documentation and API’s.
This is a nice and powerful product !
Any help is welcome :slight_smile: Don’t hésitate to contact me.

I would advise to ping a master contributor such as Frenck to get his feedback on such dev.
–> https://github.com/sponsors/frenck

If he cannot do it himself, he may have some interesting contacts to route this topic to.
Here, you only are talking with the ones waiting for the magic to be done :slight_smile:

It’s a very good news, I have an RFPlayer and I can’t use it under HA. I need to use Jeedom for that :slight_smile:


I am waiting for the RF Player to be available for sale to order it.
Once I get it I will be more than happy to help on making it work with HA

Hi @gcee, any news about the development of a plugin for HA?

GCEE is a company that make and sell products :wink:


Don’t expect any plugin development from their side. Once we have the product we can for sure work on it by ourselves as usual


The dev will start this week with a french HA user and our teams :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks for the heads up. When do you guys plan to release the RF Player so I can buy one from domadoo or Planète-domotique?

Génial ! Bonne nouvelle !

It’s an excellent news. Can’t wait to test this;) I’m French too :innocent:

Same here :slight_smile:
I have a Jeedom VM running only for that now. With switch switch.command in HA pointing to Jeedom’s webhooks. (quite dirty, but it does the job till a proper integration will be available)

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Hi Patrick, just catching this thread, I’m another french user available for testing/scripting. I’ve been debugging and using my RFPlayer with Domoticz, now quite interested to use it in HA. Feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Hello Patrick,
I just received my RFPLAYER CGE.
I am working on the transfer from DOMOTICZ to HA and I was missing the 433.
If you need a tester, I will, I am not in production.

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Hi guys, any news on the dev ?

there might be something to do with this GitHub - jyvern/rfp2mqtt: Gateway between RFPlayer dongle to MQTT broker


Do you plan to work on the jamming (Jam’alert) feature?
I’m wondering if this feature would help to make the wireless alarm systems (sensors) less vulnerable to jamming.

Thank you

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