Zigbee light switches on ?by itself?

I have a problem with zigbee LED strip, only controlled by an automation with motion sensor, that switches on during the night (and stays on).
The automation has a condition when the system is in ‘night mode’ not to run but this behavior occurs regularly. Another automation switches the light off when there is no motion after some time.
In the history there is no additional information on how this light was turned on (not by a user or automation).

Does any of you have a clue on how this is possible?

Some Zigbee lights use the ‘default after power on’ also when communication is lost.
As result, the light will turn on (and stay on, even when communication is restored).
This could be the reason.

With Zigbee2MQTT (and maybe also with ohter controllers), you can change this behaviour:

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Hi aceindy, that makes sense of course but that light is equally far - or even closer and same number/types of walls - then other devices which don’t have this behavior.

I have searched for that power on behavior or similar but cannot find anything.
Also checked the HA logs but there seems to be nothing that is related to this problem.
Would this be logged in HA anyway?

Thanks for stepping in!