Zigbee range for Xiaomi sensors connected to Zigbee2mqtt

I have just three Xiaomi sensors. When I put a sensor into my bathroom or on my terrasse, the signal strength is very low and the sensors often do not update. (The same sensors are working well, when positioned nearer to the zigbee stick.)

Would having more sensors be help to build a net and to extend the reach?
Do those sensors automatically create a net and use other sensors as a bridge to the gateway?

I’ve tried to put a sensor in my floor, which is half the way to the bathroom (Aqara2 behind Aqara1), but the bathroom sensor still does not send values, even not when pressing the button…


Adding more endpoint devices wont extend the mesh, you need routers to do that

Look at the following information

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Dear Hajo62,

The battery powered Xiaomi Zigbee devices do not extend your range of the network. This would drain the battery faster. However, the zigbee smart sockets should do the trick since they are powered continuously. Another solution is to place a second gateway closer to the sensors. I use Xiaomi everywhere in my house spread over two gateways (one in the cellar and one in the stairway). I do not use the smart sockets because I have two gateways. If you want to use the smart sockets, make sure you buy the Zigbee version and not a wifi version. Good luck!

Does your CC2531 coordinator/router have an external antenna or the default internal one (i.e. the one etched onto the PCB)?

The use of an external antenna has been reported to noticeably improve range.

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I spread different raspberry pi into home and plug a cc2531 key in each of them . zigbee2mqtt configuration has different channel ( not overlap with wifi and other zigbee ) and point to external mqtt broker. it works , i’ve full control, log and i can do selectivity join of device .

Just the default one. Haven’t recognized that option before.
You are talking i.e about that connector and that antenna, which I would just to slide on the stick? Anything else to be considered?

FYI, advice on Zigbee range extending is collected here -> Advice on Zigbee range extending