Zigbee security keypad (linkind) and alarmo


I am using the Zigbee integration within Home Assistant. One of these devices is a keypad of the manufacturer Linkind. In the configuration settings of the Zigbee integration i can set only one security key for arming/disarming the device.

The custom component Alarmo is also installed. I have created users, and security keys for arming/disarming the devices.

What i would like to achieve is that all users in alarmo with they unique key can also be used in the Linkind zigbee keypad. I have tried several automations, but it seems not possible. Is my only solution to move to Zigbee2MQTT or are there other ways to achieve this?

Have you found a solution? I can’t get it to work with multiple users and Alarmo. I used someones blueprint for the Linkind and Z2M, but that doesn’t know which user it should use from alarmo so that doesnt work.

I just want to know how to communicate back and forth with the linkind keypad.

as far i can see the z2m documentation you have the action_code published over mqtt… di you find that property?

You use the ZHA intergration with the Linkind keypad? the only way with ZHA is two use only one globally declared pincode. you could look at the ZHA event recorder there you can maybe find the code input fron the keypad.

how did you sync the 2 alarm control panels the one from alarmo and the Linkind. where did you find ZHA automations for the Lindind or onther zigbee keypad? i coulnd find anything related. just for zigbee2mqtt.


If you use Zigbee2MQTT, you can use this blueprint I created.

I still use the regular HASSIO control panel. @neliss : will try the blueprint, thanks!