Zigbee stick migration - Just a little help - Has anyone used 'Migrate Radio' yet?

I’m in the same boat. I migrated my zigbee network from HUSBZB-1 to SkyConnect. I’m keeping HUSBZB-1 for my z-wave network and I am having conflicts due to having two zigbee coordinators with the same IEEE. I found where Nabu Casa has a tool to change the SkyConnect IEEE here, https://github.com/NabuCasa/universal-silabs-flasher, but I don’t know what to use as the IEEE address, whether there is an OUI that should be used, … Any insight anyone has would be appreciated.

I just got my Sky connect and followed these instructions thank you!


I can’t believe how easy that was.

Thank you for that link I will give it a try. I was just going to change it by one digit and hope for the best.

Just used this Instruction to switch from Conbee to SkyConnect, worked just fine! :+1:

Sad trombone:
Error: IEEE address has already been written, it cannot be written again

I am going to try the same thing on the Nortek one.

I just followed the instructions and they appear to have worked seamlessly. Thank you for making the process so straightforward

Hi there, I also, successfully migrated to a sky connect device. The migration went smoothly , settings work fine.
I needed this years ago for a migration to another CC2531. I had to manually reinstall all my devices. That was a real hell

Thank you for this!! Just replaced my Sonoff with Skyconnect, and it worked like a champ.

Similar case here. I had a Raspberry Pi B3 with the SONOFF ZBPlus Dongle-E but it did not have enough ram to support any more add ons (Visual Studio). So, I ordered a HA Yellow PoE and a Raspberry Pi 4 CM and an SSD. Followed the HA Yellow set up page including the Zigbee migration.

Everything seems to have migrated successfully but I am having some issues that I am trying to diagnose. The coordinator name is incorrectly reported:

Is there a way to correct this without deleting the network (I don’t want to open the walls to reset some devices)?


Just click the verticle “…” option menu and rename it.

Simple :slight_smile:
What is the default name that HA Yellow uses?

No clue. It’s purely cosmetic, you can call it whatever you want.

If HA didn’t recognize a known adapter it would have simply been “Zigbee Home Auromation.”

Naming it after the adapter is why folks think there is a “skyconnect” or “sonoff” integration, when really they are just ZHA.

I had a similar issue when I migrated from Conbee to Sonoff. Just renamed the controller name manually eventually, it is just a text.

I am planning to move from conbee ii to skyconnect but i have a rather complicated setup.

I am running ha docker inside of a vm on top of xcp-ng so its a lot of passing peripherals around to get the usb interface inside the docker.

I am passing the pci slot where i have a external usb card directly to the vm, this works fine. I also pass the usb by serial-id as env variable to the docker container.

It seems i need to reboot the docker to change the env serial-id from conbee to Skyconnect, there is no way i can pass two usb sttick simultaneously to the docker

In the migration guide you need to switch sticks in the middle of the process, something i cant do. Is it possible to backup the conbee, restart docker with new env and then contiunue the migration process with the skyconnect?