Zigbee Switches Created Their Own Automations!

I am having a problem where my Zigbee smart switches created their own automations based on input from Zigbee buttons.

My setup is as follows:
HA OS 2024.5.2 (Proxmox on NUC)
Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus (TI CC2652P + CP2102N)
Sonoff SNZB-01 Zigbee Mini Smart Wireless Switch (single click, double click, etc)
Aqara Smart Light Switch WS-USC03 (neutral required, these act as repeaters)
Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) configuration

I have 5 of the smart switches throughout the house and 5 of the buttons. I got everything paired with Home Assistant nicely. I started making automations to have the buttons control some of the smart switches and some Wifi plugs I have. I want most the automations to trigger on a single button click. I also have some additional automations for double click on the buttons. This worked excellently for awhile.

The problem is that the Aqara switches have decided that they wanted to make their own automations in response to the button presses. The HA automations work perfectly well still, but it’s frustrating when you turn a light on in one corner of the house and a different one turns off on the opposite side of the house.

Has anybody experienced this before? Is there any way to control/modify these self generated automations? They appear to exist outside of HA. This Zigbee system is absolutely not working the way I want it to and I’m getting frustrated.

They created a binding.

Is there any way to remove the binding?

I once posted how to do it, but can’t find it right now.

I installed and found the right command. I could not get it to unbind anything. I migrated the entire system to Z2M and find it’s a much more useful system. Binding and unbinding are easy! I appreciate the reply to at least get me barking up the right tree!

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I always found Zigbee2mqtt the better of the 2 ZigBee stacks

I’m back to being frustrated. I was able to create a few binds that I wanted using Z2M and I was very happy. But the buttons (or switches?) have made some of their own binds again.
Z2M doesn’t show any binds at all and I can’t seem to delete/ clear the bindings. Is there perhaps a compatibility issue with these button/switch combos?