Zigbee2MQTT herdsman stuck

Any idea of what’s going on?

Followed along with this video and have the exact same stick he recommends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y_dDgo0i2g

Keep on getting 502:Bad Gateway error. Completely lost and out of solutions.

Using cloudflared connection following along with this video

Not seeing any error in the first logs. “Bad gateway” suggests an issue in contacting the mqtt server.

In the config section - the server line: Is “core-mosquitto” set up in your dns and reachable by that machine? Can you ping “core-mosquitto”?

If you can’t, there’s the problem. Try it with the server’s IP address, or localhost if it’s on the same server.

If it’s not DNS, then check the firewall to ensure it’s allowing that port through from that server.

I understand what you mean about the server line but truthfully am lost on how to ping “core-mosquitto”?

Here’s my logs for the Mosquitto Broker

2022-10-04 10:03:04: New connection from on port 1883.
2022-10-04 10:03:04: Client <unknown> closed its connection.
2022-10-04 10:05:04: New connection from on port 1883.
2022-10-04 10:05:04: Client <unknown> closed its connection.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of support forums and on the official website, watched tutorials, i’ve done the process a few times again and I still am getting the same stuck at that “Starting zigbee-herdsman (0.14.62)” message

Not sure it is a MQTT problem, then it should stop earlier in the log. Think it fails in opening the port to the coordinator. I do not have a e-version of the dongle, so can not compare.
How is you setup. Have it ever worked? Have ZHA autodetected the coordinator?

ZHA did recognize it almost immediately when it was plugged in to the RPi (obviously ignored it). I did change my network settings and HA to a reserved static IP on but the port settings I assume are the same. I’m still unfamiliar with that and i believe that’s where my issue lies but I’m unsure on how to diagnostic and troubleshoot it. Any suggestions on steps or checklist to follow to eliminate potential issues?

As mentioned I do not have the ZBDongle-E. I have a P version. Have you looked in this very long thread on the E version

Not sure that is right. Surely /24.

Is ZHA disabled or ignored?

Ignored right now. Any ideas?

At 5:20 in the Smart Home Junkie video, you can see his log. Your system does not get to the line

Coordinator firmware version: '{"meta":{"maintrel

etc. I therefore believe that your usb stick is not able to be opened. Something else, like ZHA may have it open/locked. Make sure ZHA is properly disabled. Reboot and try again to start Z2M. Also make sure your device name (the bit starting /dev) is correct.

In the future, please post your log as text, not a picture. Copy/Paste, we’ve had it for 40 odd years :slight_smile: