Zoneminder DNS requests

Hi there, having a bit of an odd issue that I’ve noticed since installing a PiHole on my network. Home Assistant seems to be hitting my DNS for my Zoneminder server at about 11 requests a second, just bombarding the DNS. There are no errors in the log, and the component is working just fine, I’m just more concerned about my network. Every so often Home Assistant becomes unresponsive since upgrading to 0.79.3 recently, I’m worried that this is related. Anyone else having an issue? Config below:

host: domain.removed.for.topic:8888
path: /zm/
path_zms: /cgi-bin-zm/nph-zms
ssl: True
username: removed.for.topic
password: !secret zoneminder


  • platform: zoneminder


  • platform: cert_expiry
    name: “ZM Certificate”
    host: domain.removed.for.topic
    port: 8888


  • platform: zoneminder
    command_on: Mocord
    command_off: Record

It probably does that because you have SSL configured, and therefore use a hostname instead of an IP. This hostname has to be resolved, and apparently it does that for every request.
11 requests per seconds seem a little high though. How many cameras to you have? I just have 4 and only use the camera platform, and I get a few reuqests every couple of seconds. That’s the polling that is done (motion detection etc.).

I’m running two cameras, though would have though that the requests wouldn’t be that frequent unless the streams were being viewed from the front end.

I’m reworking my setup to go back to non-SSL in the local network, will see what happens then and if stability of the new version improves.

@Ross_Saunders, I just found the same issue you did. I wish I could use the local hostname instead of the IP address in the integration. Seems like it should cache the IP after succeeding until some timeout instead of hitting the DNS server for every request.

I’ve made a couple of posts about it: