Zwave on Synology DSM 7?

6.2 drivers are disabled on DSM 7 but @Carsten4207 posted that his ConBee zigbee stick is working. Thought it may work with slaeshs, too. What am I missing?


FYI I posted a solution for this on Reddit recently…

Solution works like a charm. To be sure, remove the auto update schedule and read the release notes whenever an update hits :grimacing:

I lied. My Synology is reporting that my z-wave stick is Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5. But it’s actually a Zooz S2 Stick ZST10. The Zooz works on DSM 7

I did do that but my Zigbee stick is unfortunately not recognized.

Are you using stick in VM or Docker? Just tested DSM 7.0 with CC2531 and CC2652RB, both are working in VM without a need for any script, modprob or anything. Even if it’s not listed in /dev folder, you can still select it from drop down list in VMM.

But for Docker, yes, you would need to run the script to get it listed as ttyUSB and some other boards WILL need additional drivers.

As I have no Z-Wave stick, can’t test if it runs in VMM too.


Nice to Know that it works without script in VM. I moved my HomeAssistant to VM because i had lots of Problems on Docker.
When rebooting it always removed the Stick from the VM settings, is this issue still around? (Sometimes also on Hass updates)

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I’m using Docker and did run the script but my CC2652RB (slaesh) doesn’t show up as /dev/ttyX in my ssh session ([email protected]) and I didn’t manage to add it in docker hass.

I installed another HASS instance in VM and could add the stick withouit problems. It’s directly recognized as /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Silicon_Labs_slae.sh_cc2652rb_stick_-_slaesh_s_iot_stuff_xx-if00-port0
… maybe I just move to vm?

That one I didn’t test - will try to reboot and see it it’s fixed now or not.

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Slaesh stick needs drivers and there are no drivers for DSM 7. It is working in VM without an issue.
If you can use VM, I would definitely suggest this.

Just to confirm, after reboot, state of the USB was saved (device is still listed in options).


Is it listed in te options en doe you have to select it again? That is wat happens in a VM on DSM 6.4.
Or is it automatically available when teh VM is running again?

It is not removed from selected options in the list - so when VM restarts it is already there.

I see some people struggle here with the same problem that I’ve also encountered (and still am).

Indeed DSM 7.0 (Linux Kernel 4.4.180+) has some of the usbserial modules but not all hence some USB sticks will not work.
In my case HUSBZB-1 requires the module called cp210x.ko which needs to be loaded on top of the usbserial. That is not compiled and when I’ve checked the latest uploaded kernel source from Synology (here) I found that the config does not have that module enabled.

Unfortunately the current kernel build sources of DSM 7.0 (branch 41890) is not yet available (or better said it was published on SF and immediately after removed for some reason). If I manage to get my hand on that source I can cross compile the kernel with this module enabled and load it into my NAS (DS718+).

Best way to load these modules without any scripts is just to paste their names, one per line, in a file with whatever name and extension .conf in /etc/modules-load.d/.
systemd will do the loading job for you at every startup.
Here is an example:

% sudo cat /etc/modules-load.d/user.conf

I’d like to be sure someone had upgraded with no issues from DSM 6 to DSM 7 using a AEOTEC Z-Stick Gen5 and on hass running on VM, before I commit to the upgrade.

I have so many things working on Z-Wave that upgrading to DSM 7 as appealing as it might sound is out of question if that means loosing Z-Wave.

If anyone reads this and can confirm HASS on VM with AEOTEC Z-Stick Gen5 runs fine on DSM 7 then please post a heads-up here so that others like me can take a deep breath and go for the update.



I upgraded my DS718+ to DSM 7.0 and my both ZWave and Zigbee sticks are visible in DSM and fully working in HA running on VMM.

DSM 7.0 Control Panel




Thanks a lot for that intel @AndruX !!!

I guess now I just have to sort out the demise of EXITDNS from the supported DDNS service and upgrade my unit.

Glad to know!


Hi Damian,

I too have the HUSBZB-1. After you upgraded to DSM 7 and running the script you posted, do they still show up as ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1?

I have tried to refrain from upgrading my DS218+ for fear that I might loose zwave/zigbee functionality.

I have the package from Jadahl installed on my machine which contains cp210x.ko. So, I am guessing that I don’t need to touch that one? Or, do I need to manually load cp210x.ko?


Hi Eric,

It won’t work because DSM 7.0 has another kernel version and the module is compiled the previous version.

Best for now is to not upgrade your DS218+. After they will publish the kernel sources you can try to cross compile the kernel module yourself and load it with the solution I proposed above. If you need help I can give you some hints, it is not a big deal.

I believe that people here running HA in a VM are lucky because the kernel inside the VM has the right support for the specific chip on their sticks. Though I do not understand exactly how that works since the host has to have probably at least usbserial.ko loaded.

Thanks for the clarification Damian. I am not sure how to compile it when the kernel gets published so I will probably need your help on that. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

I downloaded the Linux kernel sources for apollolake (I have a DS918+) from here and was able to crosscompile a working cp210x.ko for the current DSM 7.0 (41890). Let me know if you’re interested in it :blush: