ZWave thermostat displays incorrectly


I have a pair of 2Gig ZWave thermostats, which recently (maybe update related but issue is intermittent so hard to be sure) show the temperature on the dashboard control and graphs as the temp in C even though the install is set to F (e.g dashboard l suddenly switch from 88 to 26).

The thermostat displays the correct temp at all times, and in device view the device’s air temp sensor shows the correct value even when the dashboard (and graph) show incorrect values.

This is more annoying than anything else as everything works ok but it does make the graphs and dashboard more difficult to interpret.

Any thoughts on where to start tracking this issue down?

Change it to C in the settings, then change it back.

Assuming you are talking about the Z-Wave integration and Z-Wave JS, this usually occurs because the device decides to start sending temperature reports in a different unit (e.g. F then C). The climate platform for Z-Wave JS doesn’t handle the units changing, but the sensor does.

If there is a configuration parameter to configure the units, then setting that to the same unit as HA might help. Otherwise, anecdotally these problems seem to eventually correct themselves when the device switches back to the other unit.

You can lessen the occurrence of the problem by using Z-Wave JS UI and setting your preferred temperature scale to F, however that doesn’t solve it 100%. It’s really just a bug in the integration.

Thanks - that at least explains it, the 2Gig devices are at best quirky (don’t always report status & have a minimum 2F hysteresis - but hey they mostly work and were relatively inexpensive )

I posted a workaround in another thread. You can see if that corrects the problem.