ZWaveJS2MQTT on dashbaord?

I have my normal HA dashboard that has both Z Wave and Zigbee devices on cards. I also setup ZwaveJS2MQTT.
Sometimes when the card shows unavailable for the front door lock, the ZWaveJS2MQTT works fine, most of the time when the front door is showing as locked, the ZWaveJS2MQTT isn’t able to connect.
I don’t think I have two things running at once, but I might. Can I put the ZWaveJS2MQTT information on my front dashboard somehow?

That would be worth checking. What add-ons do you have installed? You can’t use both zwavejs2mqtt and zwave-js add-ons at the same time. If you also look at the Server URL the integration is configured for, that will tell you which add-on HA is talking to.

I have both ZWaveJS an ZwaveJS2MQTT

How do I get the MQTT to show up like I have on my dashboard, or is it not possible and would need to forget about MQTT?

Well, then that’s your root problem. The zwavejs2mqtt add-on is conflicting with the zwave-js addon and causing the devices to become unavailable. You need to verify which add-on the integration is communicating with before deciding which add-on to remove.

If it’s configured for the Z-Wave JS add-on, then you’ll need to follow the instructions to switch to zwavejs2mqtt. See integration docs (and/or guide).

If it’s configured to talk to the zwavejs2mqtt add-on, then you just need to delete the Z-Wave JS add-on.

I’m not sure this is possible. Probably at best you can add a link to it in the side-bar. Fix your root problem and I suspect you won’t need do worry about it anymore.

Is there any advantage to using MQTT over standard JS if all I do is use my dashboard 95% of the time?

You should figure out first which one you’re using.

Whats the best way to figure that out?

I think I got it working, I disabled the ZWaveJS Add on, left the MQTT working and all seems to be good…

Explained earlier.

That doesn’t really help me in any way, since I don’t know what the server url is, where it would be, or how to find it…

But I think I got it working…

It’s on the integration configuration page.

You should spend time learning how to get to the configuration of an integration.

Devices & Services → Configure button on whatever integration you’re using.

For zwave js, it will list the Server URL in the diagnostic section (after you click configure button).

Tanks. I really don’t spend much time looking at it once I have it setup and unless it stops working…

Server URL: ws://a0d7b954-zwavejs2mqtt:3000

I think I’m all set with the MQTT then…

Yes, that’s the zwavejs2mqtt add-on URL, which is good to know since you don’t have to do anything else now, just continue using it.

Awesome. can I uninstall the Zwave JS add on or do I need to leave it to keep my information?

Delete it, no need to keep it