CompTIA Certification: A+, Network+

I’m a computer enthusiast. I started out with developing a web application for Philips Hue and it turned out well, along with using a crontab for triggering my lights in certain times of day. I build an fix computers not only for me but my family as well. I’m running Arch Linux for my desktop, Ubuntu Server 15.10 for my home/media server, and Arch Linux in my Raspberry Pi 2 which runs Home Assistant.

For networking, I own an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 5-POE along with a cheap 802.11ac access point which I plan to upgrade to Ubiquiti Unifi AP.

I could care less about Internet of Things such as Nest and Ecobee that requires cloud access even for basic functions, so it took time to do research. So yeah, I’m a home automation enthusiast who likes to tinker and not be shackled by companies that either plan to shut down or go out of business.

I have a visual and hearing impairment, but that won’t stop me at all.

Right now, I’m currently living with my family, hoping to get certified in Desktop Support Technician by next year and haven’t started my training yet, so I am hoping to go to World Services for the Blind but I might pursue other schools. I did graduate as a web developer at Lively Technical Center in Tallahassee around May of 2013, but web development jobs are scarce in Tallahassee.

Oh, and have a listen to my songs in SoundCloud: