0.105: Safe mode, Headers & Footers, New Zones Editor, Garmin, Sighthound

I can’t tell you how excited I am for the search.

If everything is configurable from the UI.
Is the system can be backup and restore easily?

Revamped Supervisor panel

Please note, you need to be running Home Assistant Core 0.105 to see the new icons.

So isn’t ‘Home Assistant Core’ HA in a VENV and there can’t be a Supervisor panel? :thinking:

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Yes, everything is still stored in the same config directory.

The hidden folder ?

Everything under config directory, whether hidden or not.

Can’t wait for the Docker build to finish…

Where does that graphic come from?

There you are able to follow the pipelines and build status.


Why this Sonos changes?

The following Sonos services now need to be called by a user with admin access: sonos.join , sonos.unjoin , sonos.snapshot , sonos.restore .

I have non admin users on my system. Can they not use this services anymore?

“The old “States UI” is now deprecated” sucks for old ipads…oh well off to find another solution.


docker x86_64 is there now :slight_smile:

We’ve been moving administrative services to require admin access. I do realize that Sonos groups are ephemeral, so open to reconsider this. Please open an issue and tag me.

thank you
issue is open https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/31497

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Getting this on external auth attempt after wiping Spotify and reconfiguring as instructed… anyone else?

Missing required parameter: client_id

I mostly use the states UI to check out entities I don’t normally interact with so not on my lovelace pages; is there an easy way to make a new lovelace view that just adds everything without manually adding each device? pretty much replicate the states UI page. It’s a bit tedious to quickly check out a bunch of entities from the configuration pages

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Thanks for another great release, hope it will get better with each new one.
I thought it’s only me but for a few recent releases in All changes everything is duplicated, i.e

  • change 1
  • change 2
  • change 1
  • change 2

It’s not a big deal but I believe that just one copy of changes is enough :wink:

Update: Error: Unknown Error, see logs.

20-02-05 22:09:56 INFO (MainThread) [hassio.homeassistant] Update Home Assistant to version 0.105.0
20-02-05 22:09:56 INFO (SyncWorker_7) [hassio.docker.interface] Update image homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:0.104.3 to homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:0.105.0
20-02-05 22:09:56 INFO (SyncWorker_7) [hassio.docker.interface] Pull image homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant tag 0.105.0.
20-02-05 22:10:21 ERROR (SyncWorker_7) [hassio.docker.interface] Can't install homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:0.105.0 -> 404 Client Error: Not Found ("no such image: homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:0.105.0: No such image: homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:0.105.0").
20-02-05 22:10:21 WARNING (MainThread) [hassio.homeassistant] Update Home Assistant image fails

It appears that the opnsense docs didn’t make it.

That PR is still stuck in the next branch meaning its giving a broken link in the release notes. Not sure how to fix it or I would submit the change myself.