0.113 How to show "States" view (card) like in old HA

Hello all

I see myself as a fairly skilled and experienced user by now, so must admit this question is rather embarrassing.

Being on (old yes, I know but its stable for my usage) v0.113, I can’t seem to find a “Card” like in the older versions before Lovelace, showing “/States” with a view of all entities, automations, scenes etc. The other night it suddenly was there right after a restart when I clicked “Overview”, but disappeared again next time.

I thought I’d fix the problem by setting “States as default view” temporarily in the developer/Info section, but the option is not there.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the “States” view, or similar in this version ? I have travelled the forum for two nights now, but cant seem to find the right search words.