0.114.0b2 Beta partially broken

Is it just my system or is the Beta 0.114.0b2 and 0b1 before that broken?
I couldn’t even upgrade to 0b1 until a new Supervisor upgrade became available today, now version 230. Before it the upgrade failed.
The reason it’s broken is because there is no longer any history or log book. Graphs have nothing to plot.
I’ve tried restarting and rebooting.
Hopefully the next release fixes it.
On the plus side, it’s nice to have Blink working again.

There are a lot of things that don’t work in the beta (mqtt sensors !), but the beta should not be discussed on the forum. Either go to discord, or file an issue on github.

Ah ok, wondered why there was no mention of it.


My mqtt sensors are working on b2.

So are history and logbook. In fact there is nothing I can find that isn’t working.

But as francis said the place for discussing this is here: https://discord.gg/tNSa8g

same here no issues. all in all this is a pretty stable beta.

Well, I did file an issue on github. About 10% of my mqtt sensors show unavailable, and a quarter to a third show ‘unknown’. The rest works as expected. And I don’t think I have an excessive amount of mqtt devices, only 96 devices and 394 entities.

Seems I’m not allowed to post in discord despite registration so I left beta.

I now reverted to 229 supervisor but still have 0.114.0b2 and the history is back and Blink still works. I’ll stick with that.

Mqtt seems to partially work for me, it will turn all the sensors to unknown after a restart, but if I restart the device that pushes the message to the broker the states are working again. But indeed there is a discord for beta’s. Also it is a beta so things tend to fail sometimes (trust me that beta’s from a year ago were much much worse in terms of things not working). I find most beta’s these days pretty stable.

In my opinion Discord is rubbish. Since we are all living in different time zones around the world it’s often near impossible to get an answer because the people who can help are sleeping. If / when they do respond you are then sleeping… this works on a forum where each issue has a thread and is easily traced, but not in one big long conversation about all topics mixed together.


I agree completely.