0.115.6: Question about light icon

Hi All,

When I change my bulbs to a color the icon change from color as well. But I don’t know if it must be the same as the color I give to the bulb?

Schermafbeelding 2020-10-05 om 21.07.38

Dres 2 is at this moment “pink” but the icon show blue.

Can someone tell me if I’m right or does the color mean something else?
If it must be the same as actual color of the bulb then there is a bug… I guess?

The icon color follows your theme.

But icons no longer change colors since a few releases ago. That is now a setting you have to add to the card (or entity in the card) configuration.

The option you have to set is state_color: true which by default is false. Look at the docs for for the entities card and it will show you the config.

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