0.115: B-Day release! Media browser, tags, automations & WTH

Happy Birthday Home Assistant!

There's a party goin' on right here 🕺 A dedication to last throughout the years 🥳 So bring your good times, and your laughter too 😂 We gonna celebrate our party with you 🎁

It's a celebration! 🎉

~ Kool & The Gang - Celebration

7! Siete! Soch! Syv! Sieben! Seitsemän! Cедем! Sept! Sju! επτά! Zeven! Sette! Seven! Years old today! And ooooh, are we going to party and celebrate with you!

You might have noticed, this release is a bit late, two weeks late. Our regular release cycle is 3 weeks, this time however, we took 5 weeks. Sure, the reason was, of course, related to our birthday today, but what is a better gift than a jam-packed release that has something for everybody?

Thankfully, a lot of you have been sharing their gift wishlist items during the month of “What the heck?!” (WTH). I love you all! What a good and amazing set of great ideas, annoyances and other suggestions have been made in that forum this month!

And it is not just that, a lot of people jumped in fixing these things as well! What a community! The month of WTH is almost over now, after that we will close the category on the forum, until the next WTH month.

Besides that, two totally new and big features are added this release, which we really wanted to polish before releasing it.

I usually write some things about the release in my personal introduction note right here, but honestly, I have no idea where to start… it is just too darn much! I love the new automation features, but there are so many of those in this release as well. 😅 I’m not going to try writing this. 😂

So, let me close with a thank you to our founding father:

Paulus, thank you so much for what you have imagined, started and created 7 years ago. Your idea has changed the lives of many, including my own. Thank you.

Of course, it is not just Paulus, but everybody else who contributes to the project in any way. Code, text, support, chat, YouTube video, live streams, blogs, articles, community guides, documentation, tweets, issues, bug reports, feature requests, ideas, questions or even if you just use it. Thank you for contributing! ❤️

Happy birthday and enjoy the release!


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SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS RELEASE!!! Great work everyone!!!

I’d like to file a complaint…Can you release this on the weekend, please :crazy_face:! Now I’m not going to be productive in my actual job at all… this is too much amazing stuff to play with! Great work!


Holy CRAP! That’s one helluva a huge change list! Fantastic work by all!


I hate to be the Debby downer… but I have a little bit of a concern with regards to the documentation of all these changes. It seems like we’re getting more and more features for writing YAML… but the only way to know about many of these new features is by looking at blog posts. I don’t see examples of the new syntax in the “Docs” area which is going to be a real impediment to new devs and folks who might not be paying attention to blog posts.

Anyhow… great work. This is motivating me to reread some old blog posts to see if there’s anything I should be bringing into my code base.


Happy birthday!

This is insane! Thank you, guys!

Can’t wait to install the update :smiley:

All docs have examples of the new syntax, most examples from the blog originate from the docs even. Please, let us know what is missing.

Is Tensorflow still broken???

Now how come my system isn’t showing an update available in the supervisor tab? I tried rebooting and it still isn’t showing up

Such an epic release, bursting at the seams with features and quality of life improvements.

It’s impressive how many of those “WTH” posts were implemented in just a few short weeks. Home Assistant improves so fast!

Thanks to all involved, and Happy Birthday to Home Assistant!


Can you wait another five weeks before releasing the next version?

It’s going to take me at least that long to update my template sensors, automations and scripts with all these new features. :wink:


It typically takes 2-3 hours for the update servers to be updated with new releases.


Happy birthday and great work!
Thanks for everyone involved. :slight_smile:

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Docs are all updated as I’ve been following them in the beta, so it seems a lot of work being done on that side that is really appreciated.


The code editor in the UI is now theme-able, so make them look nice!

Is there a list of theme-able options for this (or should I just use the browser inspector)?

And does it work on the addon configuration code editor as well (I have a text visibility issue with my dark theme)?

  - petrslavotinek-carpetplot-panel
env_vars: []
ssl: true
certfile: fullchain.pem
keyfile: privkey.pem


Note the invisible colons and dashes.


Wow! Just reading the release notes alone takes an awful lot of time - hard to image how long it’ll take to adapt to all those good changes and enhancements.

This morning I was restling with using input_datetime in automations - only to now read that you have made this extremely simple. Complaint: why didn’t you tell me yesterday :wink:

Congrats to the team, this is awesome.


Incredible job everyone, so inspiring to see what a highly motivated, highly skilled team can do with OS collabs. Happy birthday too!


@tom_l, found them here.

  # Code editor
  #code-editor-background-color: grey
  codemirror-keyword: "#C792EA"
  codemirror-operator: "#89DDFF"
  codemirror-variable: "#f07178"
  codemirror-variable-2: "#EEFFFF"
  codemirror-variable-3: "#DECB6B"
  codemirror-builtin: "#FFCB6B"
  codemirror-atom: "#F78C6C"
  codemirror-number: "#FF5370"
  codemirror-def: "#82AAFF"
  codemirror-string: "#C3E88D"
  codemirror-string-2: "#f07178"
  codemirror-comment: "#545454"
  codemirror-tag: "#FF5370"
  codemirror-meta: "#FFCB6B"
  codemirror-attribute: "#C792EA"
  codemirror-property: "#C792EA"
  codemirror-qualifier: "#DECB6B"
  codemirror-type: "#DECB6B"



Fantastic release. Thanks to everyone committing their time to this project
One day I will know enough Python to help out

Happy birthday Home Assistant! :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake:


VESync finally supports the Levoit Air Purifiers! My life is now complete. Been waiting FOREVER for that to come along.

So, after running 0.115 for about 15 minutes, I have to say, I’m REALLY impressed with this build so far. So many QOL changes… Thank you DEVS for the amazing amount of work you guys put into this build.

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