0.117 Quick Bar not working

Upgraded to 0.117 no problem. Using the latest version of Chrome, typing e or c while looking at the frontend does nothing. I read

You can enable or disable all of Home Assistant’s keyboard shortcuts by going to your User Profile and clicking the “Keyboard Shortcuts” toggle button. 

But there is nothing called Keyboard Shortcuts in my user profile.

cache issue?

HA did a frontend update after I update the core to 0.117. The quick bar started working after the frontend update, although I might have had to do a ctrl-f5 to be sure.

Good call on the cache, although I had tried to clear it. Then I had a hurricane-assisted cache-clear when high winds took down the power lines, and my belt-and-suspenders power strategy failed because my UPS batteries were too weak to run until the automatic generator powered up. Ironically, replacement batteries were already scheduled to arrive next week.

Cheers, Richard

I should add hurricane to the list of troubleshooting steps in the docs :wink:

(Hope you and any loved ones are okay!)