0.118.0 no update available, no mDNS

In past releases, the updater sensor would report minor releases and allow me to update from the UI.

Since updating to 0.118.0, the updater still reports that 0.118.0 is the “latest” release, and I cannot update to 0.118.3 (the real latest release, as of Nov 24 2020).

Additionally, mDNS stopped working at 0.118.0 and homeassistant.local no longer resolves.

My machine info:

Version 0.118.0
Installation Type Home Assistant OS
Development false
Supervisor true
Docker true
Virtual Environment false
Python Version 3.8.6
Operating System Family Linux
Operating System Version 5.4.77
CPU Architecture x86_64

Welp… the updater finally worked, and I updated to 0.118.3. And mDNS magically started working again, too. Nothing to see here.