0.31 might break your config setup


I just updated to 0.31 and noticed that the !include_dir_* directives now also include subdirectories of the specified directory.
This might break stuff for some people (at least it did for me).

In my setup, I used to have the configuration files for “component” stored in a directory component (as probably most of you do) with a subdirectory “available” that contained valid configs and (possibly invalid/unfinished) config stuff that I was testing.
I then used to symlink the configs I wanted to use from available/ to the parent directory, so they would be included by e.g. !include_dir_named component.
Since this now includes all the subdirectories too, I had to replace the symlinks with the real files and move the “available” subdirs out of the way.

It would probably a good idea to put this in the release notes.


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Wish I saw this comment sooner!
I posted something about this as well. Be careful if you are remotely connecting with a Mac… may be creating .DS_Store and .AppleDouble files that will truly mess things up!

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tried this, that and everything else I know of, cleaned out directory of all unnecessary stuff but couldn’t get it going.

This issue has been fixed as of 0.31.1.