0.33 how to use new Hue app-defined scene activation


The 0.33 release notes say:

  • Light - Hue: Add service to activate scenes defined in Hue app (@sdague)

Can someone give an example how this works?


It’s documented here - https://home-assistant.io/components/light/#service-lighthue_activate_scene

It’s useful as part of an automation rule.

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I was only looking at the Hue component page and didn’t find anything there!
Should’ve looked at the light component too - my bad.


can I have a very simple example of how to use the SERVICE?


As the action: part of an automation:

  service: light.hue_activate_scene
    group_name: 'Wohnzimmer'
    scene_name: 'Lesen'


One more thing:
I have scene names having colons and spaces, e.g. “WZ: Musik und Lesen”.
Using that 1:1 as scene_name property does apparently not work (not even in single quotes).
How would I activate a scene with such a name?


Spaces should not be an issue, it’s just whatever phue returns for scene name. I haven’t tried punctuation, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

I have a pull request up for phue that gives better error messages when there fails to be a match (including dumping the whole list of scenes) - https://github.com/sdague/phue/tree/better_errors - I would try pulling and installing that version of phue and see if that helps debug why there isn’t a match.

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It does work now - I just tested it again and I must have made some other mistake earlier.


With this, is it still possible to use or otherwise implement transitions when calling the scenes on the Hue hub? A couple of my HA scenes use transition times, but I would really love to have all of my scenes live on the hub so other apps and services can access them too.

Can I switch off senes too?

Yes i too would like to know if we can set a transition time with native hue scenes?

I can’t get this to work. I have a room in the Hue app called “daughters Bedroom” I have a scene called “Bedtime” I created an automation with a test time. The automation turned on but the scene and lights did not activate.

Here’s what I have http://hastebin.com/yexafiviti.pl

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