0.36 Problems

Just updated to 0.36 and now have all the lights in my house going nuts - cycling on and off. If I look at the logs I see a lot of crashes.

Also all the light components have changed in the GUI to a simple “on” or “off” and not a toggle like that had been, but switches are still a toggle.

0.36 won’t even start for me and spits out a lot of errors on startup. Something is wrong there so I have gone back to 0.35.3 until it sorts itself out :smiley:

It will be hard to help you without knowing which light you’re using?
And could you post those crashes log entry?

There is a known fault with 0.36.0 that is effecting many users https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/5355

I’d say once that gets fixed your issues may be fixed as well.

I’ve rolled back to 35.3 and will wait for the .1 on 36 before I move up. Don’t have time right now due to work schedule to debug and wife gets upset when home isn’t working…