0.38 broke Join component

I get the following error after update to 0.38.

Right now i have 0.38.3 and the issue still persists.

7-02-16 09:48:03 ERROR (Thread-8) [homeassistant.bootstrap] Not initializing notify.joaoapps_join because could not install dependency https://github.com/nkgilley/python-join-api/archive/3e1e849f1af0b4080f551b62270c6d244d5fbcbd.zip#python-join-api==0.0.1

Any ideas?

Running 0.38.3 no issues at all…

i cant find why on earth it stopped working in my case

17-02-20 00:57:25 ERROR (Thread-1) [homeassistant.bootstrap] Not initializing sensor.darksky because could not install dependency python-forecastio==1.3.5

The weird thing is that i also get the same error for the darksky sensor