0.41.0 Zwave Group showing

Since upgrading to 0.41 I have a group called z-wave showing with all my z-wave devices. How do I hide this?

In the customize: section of your configuration, put the following:

  hidden: true

Of course, change group.z_wave to the actual entity_id of the group. I’m still on 0.40.2 so I can’t check what that is.

That’s the problem there is no entity id. It just showed up.

Did you check under the developer tools in the sidebar?

Clicking that button will show you a full list of all the existing entities. Scroll down to the groups and you should find it there.

Yep checked every single one called group and zwave. Not there.

This is more like a state card like automations rather than a group. Probably shouldn’t have called it that at first.:slight_smile:

I see what you mean, but there should still be a group for that: every card in the UI is the reflection of a group.

I wish it were true. I checked every entry like 10 x’s and there’s nothing there to exclude.

Looks like a bug, then. You could consider creating an issue in the Github repository. I can only assume this behaviour is because of PR #6690: Add zwave per-node entity.

This is under the release notes. It says per node entity. I wonder if I hide all of them that the “Group” will go away?


I suppose that could work.

It does work. Hiding every device makes the zwave box go away. Too many entries though :slight_smile:

Stupid question. Not a python guy at all.

Can you do

  hidden: true

You can, but like this:

    hidden: true

or like this:

    hidden: true

Based on the section Customizing devices and services in the docs.

And just fyi: in the configuration files we don’t use Python but Jinja2 :wink:


Yep, that worked too. My configuration.yaml is getting a mile long and that helped.

Thanks for all the help!

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Happy to help :slight_smile: