0.49 Automations off on Startup?

All of a sudden with 0.49, all my automations are all defaulting to off when I reload HA. Did something change?

Once I reload automations from the Configuration page - all working again.

not sure, but i really wish HA would remember which automations are turned off on restart. I have my sprinkler automations turned off as it is winter, but every restart re-activates them again. I had comment out the config, but comments are deleted when using the automation configurator… Very annoying!

Not sure, but I think you can add “initial_state: ‘off’” (or “on”) as a parameter to each automation to control startup initial state.

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@palitu You could try setting an input boolean condition in your automation config, HA remembers the state of those after restart.

I’m experiencing the same. I haven’t found anything in the changelogs about it yet.

I just ended up adding initial_state: ‘on’ to each of my automations - that fixed it!

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