0.61.0 - Xiaomi Aqara - Deprecated Entity_ID

Just updated to 0.61.0 and i’m getting these errors for each of my Xiaomi buttons…

The ‘entity_id’ option (with value ‘binary_sensor.switch_158d0001d62b0e’) is deprecated, please remove it from your configuration.

I’ve checked and they appear to still be working… If i was to remove these from my automation then obviously nothing would work… Any ideas why it’s reporting this?

It’s probably related to this:


It is in the release notes (Deprecate explicit entity_id in template platforms)

Thanks for this… but it makes absolutely no sense to me… are you able to explain how it’s able to know which button has been pressed if i remove that entity_id from my automation?

Edit : Ok so i re-read it… it’s for templates… i found where i had the entity_id’s and removed them and the alert has now gone… thank you!

You’re welcome, glad you’ve sorted it out.

im a bit puzzled still…

does this mean that this binary template sensor:

friendly_name: “People home”
- device_tracker.marijn
- device_tracker.wijke
- device_tracker.theonewtbenamed
- device_tracker.snoringznorra
- device_tracker.dropje
- device_tracker.hanna
value_template: >-
{{ is_state(‘device_tracker.marijn’, ‘home’)
or is_state(‘device_tracker.wijke’, ‘home’)
or is_state(‘device_tracker.theonewtbenamed’, ‘home’)
or is_state(‘device_tracker.snoringznorra’, ‘home’)
or is_state(‘device_tracker.dropje’, ‘home’)
or is_state(‘device_tracker.hanna’, ‘home’) }}

should be transformed into:

  friendly_name: "People home"
  value_template: >-
    {{ is_state('device_tracker.marijn', 'home')
       or is_state('device_tracker.wijke', 'home')
       or is_state('device_tracker.theonewtbenamed', 'home')
       or is_state('device_tracker.snoringznorra', 'home')
       or is_state('device_tracker.dropje', 'home') 
       or is_state('device_tracker.hanna', 'home') }}



I think so. Do you still have errors?

no errors…
yet :wink: