0.65.x Broke my Xiaomi Gateway and Ikea Tradfri

Hello just to let you know that after more than a Year, my Xiaomi ecosistem and IKEA Tradfri were working perfectly. until I updated my hassio install to 0.65.x (I put X because I tried the .1 the .2 and the .3)

Impossible to detect my Xiaomi Gateway, I had an error telling me that it was misconfigured, (but no changes have been made to it) I tried putting the Mac address and the IP of the Gateway on the configuration file, to no avail.
No error on the logs except that all my binary sensor desapeared.

Also impossible to connect to my IKEA tradfri Gateway from the IKEA APP.

So I am suspecting a Zigbee problem.

ANd last the Google assistant component does not resync anymore.

I did a full backup before passing from 0.64.3 to 0.65 an I just restored the backup, and everything became normal again.