0.66 rgb mqtt

This is rather strange… Before switching to 0.66 (from 0.65) everything was working fine. But now my RGB light doesn’t work inside a scene. Only from the scene as it works as expected when playing with it from the frontend… Wonder what can be the cause. Did i miss something?!
RGB light is an esp8266 code from github (i believe this one https://github.com/corbanmailloux/esp-mqtt-rgb-led)

Light config

- platform: mqtt_json
  name: Zal RGB
  state_topic: "light/zalrgb"
  command_topic: "light/zalrgb/set"
  brightness: true
  rgb: true
  white_value: true
  effect: true
  effect_list: [colorfade_slow, colorfade_fast, flash]
  optimistic: false
  qos: 0

Scene example

  - name: zal_light_bright
          state: on
          brightness: 255
          state: on
          brightness: 255
          state: on
          rgb_color: [255, 64, 0]
          white_value: 255
          brightness: 255
          state: on
          rgb_color: [255,118,73]
          brightness: 255
          state: on
          rgb_color: [255,128,0]
          brightness: 255

Since updating from approximately 0.65, I’ve been having trouble with my Hue lights when setting them using rgb_color[] from scene. It appears that brightness is no longer updated based on R, G and B values. I get the correct color, but not the correct brightness. I get something related to the brightness that the light was last set to (other than off). If I set the lights to dim white, turn them off, and then set a dark red scene rgb_color[40, 0, 0], I get a dark-ish red. If I set a bright white scene, turn them off and then set the same RGB command, I get bright red. I’m seeing this on 0.69 and 0.70. I skipped a few releases. My prior may have been 0.65?

Don’t know if this is related to your issue?