0.76: Auth almost done, FleetGo, PJLink, RMV public transport


Same issue for me, ddwrt presence detector does not work anymore. I had to downgrade to 0.76.0 for it to work again.


read the part about mqtt password, but i never used built in:


#port: 1883
protocol: 3.1
client_id: home-asssistant-1
keepalive: 60
username: hass
password: pass

and now with 76.2 i get errors about mqtt

edit: rolled back to 0.75.3, working again.


Ddwrt tracking eventually started to show the correct status again on my system after a few days. Don’t think it was due to any minor updates. Maybe it just got lost. Could it be that the database changes altered something?


Hi all,

I use the ios app and since some upgrades I always get this when starting the app:
Login attempt failed
Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from 192.xxx.xxx.xxx

Does anyone know how to solve that?

Thanks in advance


May I know how to change the default username for the embedded MQTT broker?


Did you add a password to the intergrated mqtt server, setting a password is required by the last update.


Suddenly my SONOS wont work anymore in HA and it cant be found anymore in hass??? Work really well in all version until now. Any idea?


I don’t mean to sound flippant but sometimes a hard, I mean pull the power cord hard, reboot solves all kinds of “things that just mysteriously quit working”.


Doing that on a Pi though runs a real risk of corrupting the SD card.


Really bad advice. Pulling the cable should only be the very last thing you try after trying everything else and you can’t reboot or shutdown in any other way. Likely to corrupt the sd card if they’re running on one.


tbh i had to do that once or twice too… felt really bad, but no other way was possible.

no issues, or so it seems, related to the sd card, luckily.

still, is there a way to check these sd cards for errors, while in the Pi? a check every once in a while cant hurt?


I did it too when there was no other way, but I would never advice someone to.
Fsck can only be done when not mounted I think, and that’s the only way I know of checking.


thank you, will adhere to the policy all-is-well-if-nothing-complains then. :wink:


I have upgraded from 75.3 to 76.2 without any problems. MariaDB add-on upgraded fine and no problems with MQTT running Mosquitto broker add-on. Maybe this upgrade path may help others that have a similar configuration.


Hi there,
Since the update to 0.76, the Velbus component as it is defined on its page doesn’t seem to work anymore.


Did you read the first post, including the “breaking changes”?


Hi Nick!

I did, I read the following:

So, it seems I still need the Velbus component, but the bugger doesn’t seem to be recognized :slight_smile:



I’m not sure if this will go very far but…

I haven’t upgraded yet but I’ve heard that some of the z wave config page functionality has been removed with the new release. specifically, the ability to rename nodes.

If anyone who can do something about it is listening, I’m asking to reconsider your decision.

I understand that you want to streamline things but removing functioning operations that lots of people use doesn’t sound right to me.

I’ve been in several threads recently involving this and many people agree with my views that it should be left in.

One thread was talking about the person having 20 z wave devices (fibaro) and each device spawned up to 13 entities. To require them to edit all 260 entities is asinine considering it could be WAY more easily done with working functionality that was just arbitrarily removed.

I personally don’t see the problem leaving it in. No one is saying we have to use the z wave config to change things. If you want to edit your entity_registry file manually then go ahead. It makes sense to leave the other option available for people who want to use that way as well.


Have you also read about the new device registry? I’m guessing this will have similar functionality to what is removed


No i haven’t. Where is that information? I skimmed the blog but didn’t see anything about a device registry, just an entity registry GUI.