0.77: Authentication system 👮‍♂️ + Hangouts bot 🤖


Great, so now I can login from my laptop, but iPhone wont accept legacy API which I use when travelling!!! Nice job NOT!


The number of open configurations that can be found with a few mouse clicks, and the number of “I’ve been hacked” threads would suggest that you are incorrect in your presuppositions.


Why shouldn’t you be able to use your iPhone?


Well then put a sticky up informing people that security is no luxury. I don’t leave my car unlocked on a public parking lot, that’s common sense.
But when it’s in the garage at home I leave it unlocked, for easy access.
And when I want to leave it unlocked I don’t have to bust out the passenger window, weld shut the bonnet and stick the key in the exhaust pipe.



You’d be pretty annoyed if your car didn’t come with locks to begin with though.


I’m not annoyed that Home Assistant did not include security out of the box. It’s up to us to secure our Home Assistant installation. And if I’m running Hass.io, I’d make sure to be diligent and look over the SMB configuration, but since I use Linux, I simply use SSH to get into the Home Assistant configuration. The only thing that I expose is my VPN and that’s it. I have a certificate for my smartphone and I already have created a certificate authority in my server.


There is a way to do this but it is not well documented and only developers are familiar with it, I think in the next release or 2 it will be addressed in a easier way. For now I am keeping the api_passowrd for IFTTT , Tasker and other components that depend on it.


Yeh, because that’s one of the deciding factors on buying a car.
At the risk of giving this car analogy even more stage time,… imaging taking it in for service and when you get it back the only way to start the car is having to call the dealer for a pincode with no way of turning that off. I’d have questions.


But what is your problem then?


So to use @drbytes car analogy, you’d rather buy a car with no locks on the doors and no need for a key for the ignition and sort those things out yourself later?

Obviously if you choose to secure your car differently then you can use “aftermarket” stuff, or you can just stick with what it comes with.

Same with homeassistant. If you don’t want to use the Auth system, take it off. If you want to use something different, code it up.

Don’t make it harder for everyone else just because you know best.


I really don’t see where that would be the case with 0.77. Would you care to explain without a car analogy?


Please examine the code in my thread:

I want to get my code to work with the new authentication system going forward, even if trusted_networks no longer work.

I’m not making it harder for anyone in here and I do not know best.


If that new security feature was in response to lots of that model being stolen due to a previous security flaw that was becoming well known amongst the local car theives and was provided for free by the dealer, I’d be frivkin’ ecstatic.

Remind me of your address again? My new car isn’t arriving until the end of October so I’ll just borrow yours in the meantime. :wink:


I’d love to, but I’m one of the thick people round here who uses homeassistant without being able to understand python, and therefore actually quite likes being offered free security upgrades without having to learn to code it myself :slight_smile:


For the Proxy users out there. If you are using Traefik, then you will want to add the following to the frontend configuration which is referencing you HomeAssistant backend

  x-ha-access = "[email protected]!"


Yeh but the previous security flaw lies mainly in not having common sense and leaving something as hass open and exposed to the internet. That’s not a security flaw, that’s ignorance.
Listen, I know it’s well intention by the developers but it’s a bit of a record scratcher when an api suddenly changes and breaks stuff that has been chugging along nicely for ages without a way to easly turn it off.

That said, I’ve jumped the hoops and adapted my code but I could’ve been doing something more fun.


I’d like to leave a little note here. If you have a Wemo switch unplugged and explicitly set each Wemo switch in your config, none of your wemo plugs will work. It throws an error about not being able to find the one and then none work. I have 3 wemo switches and sometimes I unplug one. Previous HA versions never had a problem, now they do.


Nothing to add really, but I wanted to say thank you to the entire team for another great release. I started playing with HomeAssistant over two years ago and I never could have imagined what an integral part of my family’s life it would become. I know we could live without it, but we sure wouldn’t want to!

So, THANK YOU HASS TEAM!! You’ve really enhanced our lives.


Updated to 77.1. No issues thanks for the hard work devs, bootup times are faster aswell.


After the 0.77 upgrade, ‘Custom UI’ icon_color There is a problem with the functionality.