0.77: Authentication system 👮‍♂️ + Hangouts bot 🤖


I’ve found adding

  broker: pi3
  discovery: true
  discovery_prefix: homeassistant

solves a lot of issues. (pi3 is my local hostname)


does this remove the currently configured user? If so how do I setup more than 1 user??


After you log in with a user name, click on the initials in the upper left and you will have the option of creating additional users.


Why i get this page if i try connect remotely?

If i try trought LAN i can create user and login


Here we have now locked your system.
By the way the keys are inside


Thanks for replying. I just tried it and that option is pretty close to what I (and some others) are looking for.
Instead of having to manually select “Login with Trusted Networks > Select a user to login with” it would be great to have an option for that in the configuration.yaml that can bypass this selection screen:

# ========= Auth =========
  default_user: mydefaultuser

Do you think this would be possible to add?


yesterday I’ve switched to HA 0.77 and have two thinks:

  1. Updated HA, created a new user, but after confirmation I got some error. Don’t remember exactly. But after several refreshes I was able to login into HA. But there was not an option to “Save login” as shown on video. So today I had to login again. Is it possible to activate it?

(I’m not alone: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/16347 )

  1. On the login screen the “Tab” key does not work. I’m not able to put my login and password by using keyboard only. I have to click to the “Password” field with mouse to by able enter password into it.


This is what i get now and i am unable to log on


Hi. I have just upgraded to 0.76 to 0.77.2 via Hass.io. Unfortunately when the system has restarted it didn’t give me any option to create user accounts. All I get is the start screen with
“No auth providers returned. Unable to finish login.”

Any suggestions on how to get past this stage?



First of all, thank you devs for all the beautiful work here.

Hassio 0.77.2 on PI 3 here.

After the update from 0.76 to 0.77.2
logged out,
created the owner
logged in with home assistant local
created a new snapshot

Everything that I checked so far works perfect,
except when trying to download the snapshot I created

Chrome says [Failed - Needs authorization]

Thank you for all your had work.


On RPi 3 B+, HA is updated to v 0.77.2. HassOS updated to 1.10.

Nearly all is working well. Life is good. Thanks to all the devs!

I, too, have the issue of being unable to download a Snapshot file since being on Auth. The error generated is:
“You need to use a bearer token to access /api/hassio/snapshots/c6c160f5/download from”

Thanks again for everyone’s hard work. It is appreciated!


This is great, thank you!
Is it currently possible to restrict access to different components (groups) for different users? For example, the owner being able to control all lights, while a ‘normal’ user can be restricted to lights in their own bedroom?


This is the first release of the auth system, give the devs some time :wink:

It is on their roadmap though.


I’ve read the entire above discussion and Auth Providers page. I will now ask my question at this risk of being yet another one, because I do not see a clear answer.

My goal for HASS is to be a completely Internet-independent HA system. That is, if my ISP is down, I should be unaffected; have no dependency on “cloud”. It should also be easy to access: currently a one click shortcut on my Android, and with views configured I very quickly get to my controls. Single click, no choosing users, no logging in from my internal LAN (high WAF :slight_smile: is important).

I have no requirement for integrations with other systems. (My setup is zwave and mqtt)

With the auth changes in .77, can I still do this? It sounds like the answer is “no”. Can someone please confirm? Specifically, it sounds like I can avoid having to enter a pw by using trusted_networks, but I CANNOT avoid at least an extra click of selecting a user?

If the above is true, which seems to be the thing others may be asking indirectly and getting irritated about, would it be possible in a future release to also declare a “default” user to be coupled with trusted_networks?

Thanks in advance.

And a side note to the devs: Good effort on trying to get HASS secured for the “smart enough to be dangerous” crowd. Just please keep this project possible to run without cloud dependency - I’ll still gladly pay for it if/when it becomes commercial.


Ok :slight_smile: I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed it in the docs somewhere!


QNAP Container station HA 0.77.2
Still doesn’t work Mi Cube. Attributes are changing but no reactions.
Have some error in log with Cube template sensor (Battery level)

Log Details (WARNING)
Sat Sep 01 2018 21:36:45 GMT+0300 (Москва, стандартное время)
Could not render icon template Cube 2450, the state is unknown.

At 0.76.2 Mi Cube work perfectly.


I created a user for myself and one for my SO. Had to log us in on every device which we use to access HA. I had to do this once. Since then it’s the same experience as ever.
I hope this answers part of your question.


Thanks for the feedback. This “might” be good enough. Seems to rely on browser cache or similar so may not be 100% consistent. I guess I’ll have to find time to upgrade and try it.

Still think we need a “default user” option to guarantee a consistent experience though.

BTW my ultimate goal for this project is a couple of cheap android devices neatly mounted to walls that anyone in the family can walk up to and use. Hence the need for a simple interface.


I’m guessing your using Firefox because i have the same issue. I tried with Chrome and it works fine.

EDIT: Looks like its an upstream issue.


For your 1st question, it is under investigation. Some user already report that clear browser’s localStorage may be a workaround.