0.82.0 breaks discovery - cant ignore IGD

Just updated from 0.81.6 to 0.82.0. and get the following error:

ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Invalid config for [discovery]: value is not allowed @ data['discovery']['ignore'][1]. Got 'igd'.

My config:

   - panasonic_viera
   - igd

This was valid in the previous version. Has the name changes? Couldn’t find anything relevant in the release notes.

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Commenting out ignore igd and restarting restored discovery. Also IGD/UPNP is not being auto discovered any more.

igd isn’t a valid discovery item:

heres the list:

Valid values for ignore are:

  • apple_tv : Apple TV
  • axis : Axis Communications security devices
  • belkin_wemo : Belkin WeMo switches
  • bluesound : Bluesound speakers
  • bose_soundtouch : Bose Soundtouch speakers
  • denonavr : Denon network receivers
  • directv : DirecTV receivers
  • frontier_silicon : Frontier Silicon internet radios
  • google_cast : Google Cast
  • harmony : Logitech Harmony Hub
  • ikea_tradfri : IKEA Trådfri (Tradfri)
  • logitech_mediaserver : Logitech media server (Squeezebox)
  • netgear_router : Netgear routers
  • openhome : Linn / Openhome
  • panasonic_viera : Panasonic Viera
  • philips_hue : Philips Hue
  • plex_mediaserver : Plex media server
  • roku : Roku media player
  • sabnzbd : SABnzbd downloader
  • samsung_printer : Samsung SyncThru Printer
  • samsung_tv : Samsung TVs
  • sonos : Sonos speakers
  • songpal : Songpal
  • tellstick : Telldus Live
  • wink : Wink Hub
  • yamaha : Yamaha media player
  • yeelight : Yeelight lamps and bulbs (not only Yeelight Sunflower bulb)
  • xiaomi_gw : Xiaomi Aqara gateway

Also, in changes for 0.82:

  • Disable upnp from being discovered

… Anymore. It was in 0.81.6.

That’s what I was looking for but could not find. Thanks.

If it’s called IGD in discovery, it should have been labelled as such in the release notes. It wasn’t.

I do agree with their reasoning for removing it.

I think it was completely removed. My guess is that the discovery documentation is built off of components that use discovery and is auto generated. Otherwise that list would be a bitch to manage. I think it’s safe to assume that those documents will be spot on in the future.

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Why isn’t this list on the documentation of the discovery component? :sob:

it’s still available, the documentation isn’t up to date. Use

    - upnp